Body Talk & Desire: A generative workshop

Body Talk & Desire: A generative workshop

Bodies talk and warp minds through negative and positive perspectives that we as individuals hold. Whether it be our own bodies or those of others, bodies are all powerful and make us

How does desire factor into this?

How do our bodies speak to the world and our minds?

How do we reclaim our sexuality, our gender, our desire?

In this generative workshop a focus on love, the body and desire will be dissected through prompts and various activities that center queer and BIPOC voices. This workshop is designed to help attendees generate new poetry/prose for all levels.

Attendees will leave this workshop with an expanded understanding of the topic of love and desire and latterly, body image, perception and understanding that challenges what love and desire mean to us as individuals.

We will close read poems by 5 poets around the theme of love and desire which will be used as models for short writing exercises as well as poetic discussion at large.


A variety of generative and group based activities centered around the core themes of Body Talk & Desire. Some poets that will be close read include; Eman Hassan, Sal Kang, Sarah Ghazal Ali, Duije Tahat, Sandra Cisneros, Tracy K Smith, Aurielle Marie, Terrance Hayes, Paul Tran/Danez Smith. Video poems by: Melissa May/Rachel Wiley. Participants will come out of this workshop with at least two pieces of completed writing and can request further consultation at a separate time.


Saturdays: 1pm – 3pm EST


May 20th: Pronouncing Desire

May 27th : List of Longing

June 3th: Building the Body

June 10th: Body Talk Reading /Sharing Session


Early Bird Price: $100/4 workshops or $25/week: payment plan 

One-on-One Book or Writing Consultation: $50/session

Sliding Scale: We want to write with you! If you need, we’re offering a $25/week payment plan. Please use the button below and insert $25. Note: you will need to submit $25 each week for the next 4 weeks.

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